Weigh Yourself

Before I had my precious bundle of joy (we’ll call her little C from now on) I used to view stay at home mothers as women who do nothing all day and stay in their yoga pants with “juicy” written on the bottoms. They had no reason to be overweight and their houses yoga+pantsshould be immaculate because what do have to do all day? After little C came a long, believe me I was singing a different tune. This is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had to do in my life and I’ve had my share of tough jobs; from Navy deployments to having peoples’ lives in my hands as an air traffic controller. Being a mom is a job in its own, but then you add a husband, a new house, two dogs, and yours own self-consciousness to the mix and whoa! you have a corporation in your own home. We moved into our house 1 month before little C was born. She is 13 months now and I still find myself telling guests “please excuse my house, we just moved!” I guess I can only use that excuse for so long before they start catching on.

Well with that being said I understand now how we moms can put ourselves on the back burner. I’m guilty of it 100%, but there’s one little thing that actually makes a big difference. Something more than the feat of taking a shower, washing your hair, and shaving your legs. Weigh yourself…no not on the scale. Weigh yourself as a whole. Weigh your thoughts, weigh your appearance, weigh your accomplishments. Are you happy with what you see? This is something I try to do on a daily basis when I can make it out of my yoga pants with “juicy” written on the bottom. At the end of the day, I want feel like I’ve accomplished something for me. Whether it be do my daily workout or paint my nails it’s something for me. Sometimes women tend to be so much harder on themselves than anybody else. So that’s why I say weigh yourself. Try to take a moment to do something you for you. Sometimes making yourself a priority is a priority.


Published by: Carolyn

I am a Navy wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I love food, being fit and active, traveling, and living life to its fullest. I am an activist of self-improvement and helping other people improve themselves.

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